About Us


Newcomer to Aqua Marine Industry in Malaysia, CFC Reef is offering wide range of coral species that is endorsed by CITES Geneva and Department of Fisheries of Malaysia (DoF). We have permit to collect and breed at least 22 species of corals from Malaysian water and can provide Origin of Species Certificate (CITES) to any wholesale buyers around the world.

Our Farm

Located in secluded island in East state of Terengganu, our farm can produce high quality coral to meet international demand and also provide a high quality coral nubbin for conservation needs.

Holding and Quarantine Facility

For every coral or livestock from our farm, it will be ship to our holding and quarantine at Port Dickson facility for quality check, cleaning and packing.

Conservation and Biodiversity

Through research of cultured coral, we put conservation and biodiversity first and foremost in our business. Their are so many factor of decreasing of reef, such as high irradiance, sediments, harmful chemical and pollution, increase of freshwater and high/low water temperatures. By diversifying the number of cultured coral species in trade, we can bring down the need for wild taken of coral reefs and insure the survivability of the species. With this in mind all of our corals are collected and farmed in a legal and ethical manner.

Walk the Talk: Collaborating with Malaysia Coral Reef Society, we have taken step to conserve our reef with many conservation project, such as creating an artificial reef and fish congregation area, ocean and beach clean up project and many more.