Livestock Shipping


Livestock Shipping Information

We do our best to ensure that your new livestock arrives healthy and in good condition. We use the best packaging and shipping possible to insure the highest survival rate.


  • We use only top quality fully insulated cooler boxes with 1.5″ thick foam and box marked with the appropriate shipping caution labels.
  • Delicate coral are attached to Styrofoam floats to minimise the risk of shipping damage from abrading against the inside of the bag.
  • All coral will be pack with double layer thick plastic bag.
  • For hot climate like Malaysia, we use an extra ice pack to control temperature inside the box.
  • Some coral do produce substance under stress, we use a bit of charcoal to minimise water contamination went shipping.


  • Please note that we ship livestock only in Peninsular Malaysia, for international wholesale buyer please contact us at
  • When you order livestock, once you enter your state, the shipping charges will be calculated and email for you.
  • Shipment out will be make on every Tuesday, and should arrive to you within 24hr.
  • If you want to order other product or dry goods, they must be ordered separately from livestock as those items will be shipped separately.

Receiving Your Order

  • Please acclimate your livestock as soon as possible once received
  • Float livestock packed in your system for about 20-30 minutes to allow the temperature of the water in the bags to slowly adjust to your tank temperature.
  • During shipment, the water inside packed can get fouled and should not be added to your tank.
  • Different coral with different needs, make sure your light, temperature and water parameters suitable for the receiving livestock.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Our packaging already proven for North America shipment and will do so went ship inside Malaysia. But sometimes things happen outside of our control. For that reason we provide a 24 hour live arrival guarantee.  If within 24 hours of the delivery of your shipment you have a dead livestock, just take a digital picture of the casualty and email it to us within that 24-hour window.

Note: If your shipment arrive a major loss , you must notify us by phone or email within 2 hours of delivery. Failure to do so will make us assume the shipment are left on your doorstep or unregulated temperature area after delivery. In that case the live arrival guarantee will not be honored.