Rowalith C+ (12.5kg) for CA Reactor

RM309.00 RM300.00

The recommended media for Deltec Fluidised Calcium reactors and is 50:50 blend of Rowalith C and Rowalith W.

Instructions for use of ROWAlith C+

This material must be washed very very thoroughly before placing inside your Fluidized Reactor, if you do not do this the reactor will run cloudy.

ROWAlith-C is a natural material specially chosen to produce the highest calcium output in your Fluidized Reactor.

Set the reactor to run between 30 to 40 dKH. Measure the water from the reactor after allowing it to run for 24 hours, from the output flow.

Due to the efficiency of the fluidized reactor constant top up of this material will be required. Please ensure that the calcium levels in your aquarium do not exceed 480 to 500 mg/l.

For saltwater only.